St Leonard’s Angel Festival

St Leonard’s Angel Festival was a great success with a constant flow of visitors over the three days – including over 100 schoolchildren from St Leonard’s Primary School who excitedly searched for their angels and were treated to the story of the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary.

Our thanks to St Leonard’s Primary School and very many others for making paper angels. To all those who have lent their angels and to all those who have given their time, talents and skills in displaying the angels.

The result has been breathtaking and has created a spiritual presence that is difficult to describe in words and impossible to photograph.
It is truly a case of “You had to be here”

Adding lustre to this sense of presence was the work of our artists;

  • Cathy Schou (Angel Wings – in the porch)
  • Erica Middleton (Angel Mother – by the pulpit)
  • John Middleton (Music composed for the event)
  • Michelle Holmes (Gabriel icon – south door)
  • Maggie Moreland (Felt Angels – pulpit window)
  • Hilary Fairbairn (Gabriel – Sanctuary)
  • Janet Lee (Archangel – (south wall)

Our thanks also go to the musicians for the evening of Angels and Light . To Steve Delaforce, Rob Newton and John and Dorothy Pipet. To Jennifer De Hever for her wonderful solo and to Hilary for her marvellous ‘Shepherd’ monologue.

Over the three days of the festival a total of £600 was raised – of which £300 has been sent to Cancer Research UK with the balance going to church funds for which we thank everyone.

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